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Creating original ideas that are ahead of their time
Kaneka Corporation has an impact on the lives of people all over the world through the infinite possibilities of chemistry. We are a multinational supplier of high-performance functional foodstuffs, polymers, information and communication products and services, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and photovoltaic modules for new energy.
Brief Background of Kaneka and CoQ10
After its establishment in 1949, Kaneka has produced a variety of products using original fermentation technology. KANEKA Q10™ is also a product of Kaneka's original fermentation technology.
1977 Start of production of ubidecarenone (Coenzyme Q10) as an ingredient for congestive heart failure drugs.
2004 Kaneka Nutrients L.P. established as Kaneka's first large-scale production base for Kaneka Q10 in the U.S.A.
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