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KANEKA Q10™ is CoQ10 that has been extracted from yeast through a fermentation method.
KANEKA Q10™ is exactly the same substance as the so-called all-trans form. CoQ10 found in meat, fish and other food products.
KANEKA Q10™ stands for Safety, Reliability, and High Quality.
Reliability High Quality Manufacturing Method Safety CoQ10
KANEKA Q10™ is CoQ10 with an all-trans configuration(*Note 1). KANEKA Q10™ is identical to naturally occurring CoQ10 found in meat, fish and other food products.
The safety of KANEKA Q10™ is assured in various safety tests including "Safety Assessment of CoQ10 (KANEKA Q10™) in Healthy Subjects" and "52-week oral gavage chronic toxicity study" conducted by one of the world's most trusted testing laboratories  (Covance Laboratories Inc.)
  *Safety Assessment of CoQ10 (KANEKA Q10™) in Healthy Subjects:
A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial for 4 weeks.
Material : KANEKA Q10™
Subjects : 88 healthy adult volunteers (55 male and 33 female)
Dose : 0, 300, 600, 900 mg / day
KANEKA Q10™ was well tolerated and safe for healthy adults at intake of up to 900 mg/day.
  *52-week oral gavage chronic toxicity study
Material : KANEKA Q10™ / corn oil
Animals : 494 rats (247 male and 247 female)
Dose : 100, 300, 600 or 1,200 mg / kg / day
KANEKA Q10™ was well tolerated by male and female rats at a dose level of up to 1,200 mg / kg / day.
KANEKA Q10™ has been utilized in a variety of applications around the world. KANEKA Q10™ has demonstrated its superior safety record and uselfulness as a dietary supplement and for cosmetic application.
KANEKA started to manufacture CoQ10 in 1977 and has produced significantly more CoQ10 than any other manufacturer.
KANEKA Q10™ has been manufactured according to Pharmaceutical GMP standards(*Note 2), which enables its reliability and consistent quality.
KANEKA supports academic and industry research, key trade associations and has been a founding member of important CoQ10 research foundations such as IQA and JQA.
  IQA : International Coenzyme Q10 Association
JQA : Japanese Coenzyme Q Association
High Quality
KANEKA manufactures highly purified CoQ10 from yeast. KANEKA maintains its reputation as a leader in the production of CoQ10 by using a unique manufacturing process with highly controlled quality parameters.
Self-Affirmed GRAS has been granted as a result of a wealth of supporting materials regarding KANEKA Q10™ production methods, quality assurance and safety. KANEKA Q10™ is Kosher certified, non-GMO and BSE-free. KANEKA Q10™ does not contain any cis-isomer making it bio-identical to CoQ10 produced in the human body.
  Self-Affirmed GRAS
KANEKA Q10™ obtained self-affirmed GRAS states in December 2003 after evaluation of its safety by an independent scientific panel. As of now, KANEKA Q10™ is the only CoQ10 product to have obtained GRAS status.
  Kosher Certificate
No animal-derived products are included in the raw materials for KANEKA Q10™ or can find their way into the raw materials or KANEKA Q10™ during its manufacturing process.
Note 1: Term that indicates the configuration of molecular structure and includes both trans-isomers and cis-isomers; however, only trans-isomers are found in naturally occurring CoQ10. (Cis-isomers are generated when CoQ10 is produced using chemical synthesis.)
Note 2: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
GMP stands for "manufacturing control" and "quality control" standards for the stable manufacture of quality products, and is obligatory when manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Kaneka applies stricter quality control standards in an effort to ensure an even more superior product manufacturing.
Manufacturing Method Safety Reliability High Quality
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