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KANEKA started to manufacture CoQ10 in 1977 and has produced significantly more CoQ10 than any other manufacturer.
KANEKA Q10™ has been manufactured according to Pharmaceutical GMP standards, which enables its reliability and consistent quality. 
KANEKA supports academic and industry research, key trade associations and has been a founding member of important CoQ10 research foundations such as IQA and JQA.
  IQA : International Coenzyme Q10 Association
JQA : Japanese Coenzyme Q Association
International Coenzyme Q10 Association
September 1997
Scientific exchange between researchers of
Increase levels of awareness and understanding of CoQ10
The Institute of Biochemistry of the University Politechnic of Marche, Ancona, Italy
Prof. G. P. Littarru

Kaneka supports as a founding member
Hosting of conferences (in principle, once every two years)
The First Conference (Boston) May 1998
The Second Conference (Frankfurt) December 2000
The Third Conference (London) November 2002
The Fourth Conference (Los Angeles) April 2005
The Fifth Conference (Kobe) November 2007
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